Avenue Child Contact Centre

    is run by a team of volunteers. The volunteers come from all walks of life and give their time to enable the children to have contact with both their parents. They have been screened to ensure that there is no reason why they should not be in contact with children. They have received training to help them support the running of the contact centre. There will be at least 2 volunteers in each room.

    The co-ordinators have undertaken additional preparation, and they manage the running of the centre.

    Our volunteers attend at least 2 training sessions per year to ensure that they are up to date on procedures.

    Our Centre is overseen by a Committee which includes a Chair, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary, two Trustees and a Solicitor. They work voluntarily to ensure that our policies are adhered to and that the safety of the families who attend are given the utmost importance.


    From the NACCC Facebook page: 'NACCC· Centres are feeling the pinch, but say “it doesn’t cost the earth for families to use us!” Parents going through a separation have a strain on their finances like any family but are also dealing with additional costs relating to their separation. In the majority of cases separated parents manage to work together to sort out arrangements for their children. When parents need additional support child contact centres are there to help keep children in touch with both parents. ...In a recent survey of its members the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) found that two thirds of its supported centres are able to offer their services for free (or for a nominal charge of £1-£2 per session) with 20% of centres just charging a one-off fee (on average £43) to help with towards the costs of running the centre to the high standards set by NACCC’s accreditation requirements. 6% of centres charge to help set up a family’s referral and/or charge parents each time they use the centre. http://www.naccc.org.uk/news?n=136'