Parents Information for Self Referrals

    Please note that a Child Contact Centre is not a place for negotiation - it puts into practice agreements made elsewhere.

    Families wanting to apply for a place will be required to go through the following process:

    Each parent must complete and return a referral form.

    Attend a pre-contact meeting at the centre:

    There will be separate interviews for resident and non-resident parents. They will be used to:

    • Gather information about you, your children and the background to what has happened to bring you to this point.
    • Give you information about the centre and how it operates.
    • Show you around the Centre so that you will feel more confident when you attend your first session.

    Receive a letter from the centre

    A  letter will be sent to both parents.  If we are able to offer your family a place for contact the letter will give details of when and where it will take place. The letter will also give details about the arrangements for contact.

    Length of time that you will be able to use the centre for

    The centre will only offer you 6 months of contact. If after this time it is felt that more time is needed this will be considered by the Centre staff.


    If you have been offered a place you will be required to contact the centre to confirm your acceptance of it.


    Avenue Child Contact Centre requires a payment of £25.00 for the administration costs to set up the contact visits and this fee is not refundable even if the contact does not take place. This needs to be made in advance of the contact commencing to enable the processing of the referral.  Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to Avenue Child Contact Centre. If you have any questions about our centre or your potential use of it please contact us by email on: Our telephone number: 07954543461 is for use on contact days only and is not monitored at other times. We are unable to deal with parents directly between contact sessions other than by email. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH BETWEEN CONTACT SESSIONS. THE CHURCH ADMINISTRATOR DOES NOT WORK FOR THE CHILD CONTACT CENTRE AND WILL BE UNABLE TO HELP YOU. We only use the church halls on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month and are not there at other times. If you have any questions please contact whoever referred you to the Centre or you can get legal advice through the CAB or a solicitor. Some solicitors offer a free session if you need legal advice but cannot afford a solicitor. We will do our best to help with any email queries, but are unable to give advice on anything other than attendance at the Child Contact Centre.